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Principles and Values

America—and the promise it holds for all people across the world—is in peril, and on the brink of being destroyed by a murderous foreign Corporate Criminal Cartel masquerading as government. If America is destroyed, so too is the idea that all men and women (in America and beyond) are created equal and have the rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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The Solution

Unlearn & Reeducat

Complacency and conformity are our enemy. We must question, unlearn, reeducate, and act to save “We the People”. It is our duty and our obligation as Americans and protectors of “We the People” to do so.

Status Quo

Complacency and conformity are our enemy. We must question, unlearn,
reeducate, and act to save “We the People”.

Higher Power

We find strength in a higher power and acknowledge a Creator. We believe
all men and women can unite across any and all differences and find the strength necessary to defeat the foreign Corporate Criminal Cartel that seeks to destroy, enslave, and kill us all.


We are not antigovernment. We are, however, emphatically and unmistakably anticorruption. We despise corruption, especially corruption in the hands of a democidal imposter government



Aristotle once said that “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Who are you really? Are you a man? A woman? A “person”? A federal “citizen”? It doesn’t take much study to realize that if you identify as a “person” or federal “citizen” [UNITED STATES citizen] you step into the jurisdiction of the foreign Corporate Criminal Cartel and will be controlled and enslaved by them.


Sovereignty is simply having supreme authority over your life, your body, and your property, which includes your unalienable Rights. Knowing that you are Sovereign is potent. Sovereignty is also a powerful word: It can break the indoctrination slave spell, the hypnotic trance. So, don’t be surprised that the foreign Corporate Criminal Cartel has attempted to label sovereignty as “bad” or “criminal” or “illegal.” It’s their propaganda.

Don’t be trapped by their word play trickery.


We call all men and women to rise up and imagine all of your ancestors that
fought for your freedom. Show unstoppable determination, get out your pens, and write and serve notices to men and women impersonating government working for the wicked foreign Corporate Criminal Cartel. Actors (men and women) impersonating government hiding behind corporate uniforms are still subject to personal and criminal liability for their crimes. They have no protection. Look into the eyes of your brothers and sisters and call upon the spirits of your ancestors to find the courage and backbone to say, “No more.

The Solution

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Please let us know what's on your mind. Have a question for us? Ask away.


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