... it is unlikely that Trump understood how deep the Swamp is and how far the corruption goes back in to the untold history of our nation. It is unlikely that Shadow Government agents are going to tell President how to rid America of those running the Global Governance system! The President may have been under the impression the problem with our nation was just a few bad apples. He must now know the entire Government Apparatus across America going back through over 150 years, including that unlawfully installed on all of the fifty states  is a counterfeit Government Corporate system  ran by foreign and domestic enemies, working for those foreign entities long looking to destroy the notion of a We the people, Republican form of Government as exposed in the Secret Treaty of Verona 1822 (see links in menu section above).

Today we are being governed by constitutionally banned foreign agents orchestrating, NOT a Founding Fathers styled Republican form of Government but by an Attorney controlled RICO of unfathomable proportions and corruption.  I hope the letter below helps all better understand what is really going on in America today and what we are communicating to the President!

To say the American people have been lied to over the last 150+ years is a monumental understatement. The truth is Americans have been held in a condition of Mixed War (relying on Lawfare) foisted over us by enemies foreign and domestic Constitutionally banned from Government. 

More awaking Americans are realizing our enemies have long been planning the genocide of 90% of Americans and the people of the world (agenda 21, Agenda 2030). These agenda's have been enabled on 200 years of lies manufactured by our Foreign and Domestic enemies. Those steering the world in a chasm, are un-elected / un-electable parasite Billionaires that have no lawful authority to make any decision affecting the Unalienable Rights of the America people! The was the entire point of having a guarantee of a Republican form of Government! So that no one could infringe on the God Given unalienable Rights of every American!

The engine of the Mixed War and Lawfare system that has been pitched against the people of America (same in all nations) for over 150 years, without the peoples knowledge, are the 1.3M Constitutionally banned foreign agents called Attorneys that monopolized and privatized Banking and law across America and the world. America has operated since 1913 on foreign private military debt script masquerading as money! 

This 5th Column walled in behind America's gates for the Crown - Vatican - Black Nobility Crimes syndicate since the 1860's operates as one coordinated single parasitic organism hand in hand with the Federal Reserve Crime Cartel. The Crown BAR agents and the so called Bankers have been attacking the very foundations on which America stands, namely the Constitution, the common law and the guaranteed Republican form of Governance since they started to infiltrate America with a Vengeance after the War of 1812. The parasites and useful idiots behind the silent war on America have been moving forward the Rothschild anti life New World Order agenda forward for decades which is fully exposed at the links in the left margin of this site. The Luciferian Cult behind this agenda intends to implement a One World Government across the entire world after democide away the majority of the people alive today by any means necessary.   

The 1,300,000 active Constitutionally Banned BAR Attorneys illegally operating in America have overturned our organic Republican form of government system across America for a foreign owned corporation system (Vatican system sits over it all), operated as Territorial or Municipal Corporations! BAR agents have infiltrated every counterfeit government office across all fifty Nation states of America and  the counterfeit de facto DC UNITED STATES Corp., which is a Government Corporation masquerading as a We the people founding fathers original government!  Evidence of this counterfeit US Corp. is the missing Article XIII known as the Titles of Nobility Act (TONA). If we look deeper at those running the Counterfeit DC Governance we also find many Constitutionally Banned Duel Israel nationals (Zionists First), also barred from any Government in America! The fact that they claim to be in government should tell you that the thing claiming to be government has no authority to govern because its ran by banned foreign agents. Violating TONA is an act of Sedition and Treason. 

Please read California Government Code 1027.5 to understand what is really going on across the world. What 1027.5 failed to mention is the New World Order coup is being driven forward by attorneys operating on all nations who operate policy across nations and the world as one co-ordinated motion! This is why we see governments across the world re-acting to the WUHAN HEALTH ORGANIZATION GOV ID 1984 and Black Lives Matter Flase flag operations and why these operations are occurring uniformly across the world aided by NWO Mockingbird Media! Useful idiot Crown Franchised Attorneys of the Crown Guild are for the most part fully aligned and orchestrating these plots against all the people of the world and using their control of Labor Unions and all the machinery at their disposal to push the agenda.


Private Corporate BAR attorneys are at war with America and are openly causing the total destruction of America (ONGOING) relying on Lawfare. This is entirely why the Crown BAR System was orchestrated in America, to serve the New World Order Masters (CROWN / VATICAN / Black Nobility Cabal) at war with humanity and the same reason the framers BANNED THEM FROM OUR NATION in both the original constitution and by 1819 when TONA was fully ratified.



Take a look at who is calling for Vaccine mandates of all Americans in response to the manufactured NWO GOV ID 1984 Plandemic ? Whether BAR attorneys know it or not, they are Constitutionally banned foreign agents and by being in office they are at War with Americans! They have been warring against us since the passing of TONA which was ratified by 1819 as evidenced in the links above and contained at this site. Every Act tainted by a lawbreaker is legally invalid! We are being ruled and destroyed by actors! They are getting away with this because of the American peoples' ignorance of the law and our true history! We hope our efforts change this fact! 

Please unlearn, re-educate and share what you learn others! Please support our work!

As you read on - think on the following headline: Constitutionally Banned foreign Crown (Vatican) agents call for the Mandated poisoning of the American people: https://www.law.com/newyorklawjournal/2020/05/28/state-bar-calls-for-mandatory-covid-19-vaccinations-regardless-of-objections/

and remember... focused on the living not the dead!