Important Notes: Free Speech, Anti-Human Trafficking and Religious Liberty Protections: First amendment rights: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.  US of Rothschilds Israel Corp. E.O.'s Regarding Religious Liberty /  U.S. Attorneys Manual - Respect for Religious Liberty / Jan 31 2020 /  October 11, 2018

Translation: America is broken by design and not because of a few bad apples in Government.  America's fifty nation states have been usurped and stealthily occupied and pillaged over the last 150+ years by a criminal cabal that lied to Americans (people of all nations) about everything to enable subjugation, enslavement and impoverishment of humanity and control over all labor and resources. America has not been lawfully governed under a We the People, guaranteed Republican form of Government since 1861. Since the early 1870's it has literally been ruled by a Black Nobility cabal which installed a counterfeit Corporate Congress engaged in a Mixed War on the  American people and since the 1960's, has increasing been engaged in obvious acts of Democide (Silent Wars). Every Office of the so-called Government from DC through State, County and City Governances is operated by a counterfeit foreign corporation, operated and co-ordinated by a homogeneous click of foreign, constitutionally-banned, anti-American, foreign agents that includes foreign BAR Attorney(1.3M+ today) serving not the American body Sovereign (i.e. "We the People") but themselves and an un-elected, Demonic, foreign Sovereign power (Black Nobility). The higher levels of this cabal have been proven to be engaged in heinous crimes against humanity including child murder and much worse. This criminal demonic Cult is at war with humanity and controls America and its people through deception, relying on foreign agencies and corporations of the Crown / Vatican system banned from operating in America under our still standing Organic law systems. [Important notes on Free Speech, section continued...]

This ongoing, escalating crimes against humanity is self evident through examination of a handful of documents posted in the right hand side margin of this sites home page which proves our early framers rightly banned all foreign agents from American Government FOREVER. Documents that prove Government across America is a counterfeit RICO ran by constitutionally-banned foreign agents, undeniably engaged in Lawfare, Sedition, Treason and that over decades green lighted escalating Democide programs (Poisoning our air, food, water, so called Medicines...) to actively terminate 90% of the American people.

This criminal cabal have not been focused on the welfare of the American people. Its mission has been to hollow out America, keep the American people sick and dumbed down and to make sure the Black Nobility and ruling parasite classes do not get de-throwned by an awaking population that realizes they were enslaved and lied to by the 0.03% parasite class of useless eaters.  This explains the fake sustainable development frauds built on fake Global Warming and Climate Change narratives which point to supporting anomalies and data built on manufactured Weather Engineering, HAARP, Direct Energy Weapon attacks on the by the Crown USAF and other foreign agencies et al. The fake Over-population myth was manufactured to drive the Luciferian cult democide programs like Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030.  

Its time to take it all back.

We are all in this together right? 

July 4th 2020, Newsom locks down the state, but not his winery... not all IN JUST US Workers,  no social distancing... because they all know its a FAKE PLANDEMIC! 

The Fake Global Warming Card manufactured in the 1960's in the Report From Iron Mountain! The new Military Industrial Complex invented the New Enemy of the Elite, Humanity! See main menu for more... 

Uploaded from the QAnon. Appears to be photographed in Oregon or Northern California based on concrete fenceposts and chain. 

1. graphic showing all fire locations across the US as of September 12

2. twitter feed of evidence of arsonists from a reporter

3. satelite imagery of the oregon fires along the freeways

The Democide initiatives have been rubber stamped by un-elected constitutionally-banned parasite class***  that think they will be saved. Now we know why the Cabals useful idiots did not want an outsider to occupy the White House and why they have been fighting by hook and by crook to get him out. Risking that a man such as Trump, may one day run the risk of losing his handlers and tripping over the dirty laundry and skeletons in the close exposed at this site, and proceeding to wake up (Q) former veterans, active military, the American people and the global masses to the crimes perpetuated on Americans (British, French and the people of all nations) by the Luciferian criminal cabal unlawfully running all nations and instead push those moving forward their New World Order Democide and  slavery system in to the sea from where they came. 

***Constitutionally Banned foreign Crown (Vatican) agents call for the Mandated poisoning of the American people:

Conclusion: The Synagogue of Satan is running America today and has been for the last 150+ years. The parasites running America through foreign private corporations masquerading as American Governments are agents to the Crown / Vatican (whether they know it or not) which are tools were orchestrated by the Black Nobility crime syndicates. 

Click on the above image and unlearn more about the evil Khazarian - Jesuitical mafia running America in to the New World Order from the shadows... 

Do you see any problem with the list of the names below? These Constitutionally Banned foreign agents are running Government in America? Do you have a problem with that?  Do any of these men and women appear to be at war with the foundations on which America was built? Now you know why! They are in fact doing their job for foreign powers at war with America, which is trying to turn America over to the New World Order Rothschilds' UN BLack Nobility One World Order Government, an organization that has NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY to operate in America because of TONA. this should help you realize that ALL UN sustainable agenda BS installed by your local government and manufactured on Rothschilds - Crown - Vatican fairy tales is a monumental fraud! 

Also, ask yourself, who has been at War with President Trump since he came in to office; and which Constitutional Banned foreign agents are running the Demon-crat controlled states in to the ground in an attempt to start a Civil War?

Who really stands behind the organization of BLM; .... the deliberate Islamification of America and Europe? Which individuals have been Banned from American Government since 1819 and what monumental frauds do they perpetuate over America [FEDeral Reserve Act? Independent Treasury Act, Patriot Act, US Corp. Bankruptcy, Emergency Banking Relief Act and the Trading with the Enemy Act of March 9th 1933? - Ans. All of the above].

Do you see that Lawbreakers masquerading as Government [Click image for full article] have been at war with America for decades. Now you should know that the foreign fifty STATE OF STATE Gov. Co's corporations are in fact RICO's [See here to understand what has been running Commiefornia for decades


Do you now understand why Constitutionally banned foreign agents gave $269+++ Billion of your money to Khazarians occupying and culling Palestine over the last several decades? Why they never condemned the culling of Palestine? Why those Israeli's associated with 911 were never held and tried? DO you now know why the Constitutionally banned foreign agents want your guns; why they never objected to the Federal Reserve Crime Cartel operating in America and why they launched the GOV-ID-Plandemic to bring forward the New World Order Slaves System?