Most Americans, Brits, French etc., are unaware that an unappointed World Wide shadow Government, criminal cabal, one long running the World has undeniably move forward their long planned Democide agenda (Genocide by Government) explained here. The Rothschild, Rockefeller, Black Nobility Criminal Cabal operated UN Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 plans calls for the killing off 90% of the people of the world by 2030, ideally leaving just 500M controllable people according to their own publications linked at this site. 

The parasite class can no longer preserve Tyrannical power over an awakening population that now know we have been lied to about everything all of our lives! This site explains what we are doing about it... Please Support our efforts. 

This site will provide Americans with essential knowledge not imparted to us at the Crown / Vatican U.S. Corp. Plantation, public fool, indoctrination centers called schools or via any News Media systems in operation over America today. Americans were not meant to know the information presented on this site.  Information like, there were TWO Government systems created in America, one lawful (de jure) and the other a Counterfeit (de facto). The Original states compact organized Federation Governance was established under an organic constitution whereas the counterfeit has since operated under a corporate charter which was itself plagiarized / chopped version of the original organic Constitution. The document that we have been presented as the law of the land is a Counterfeit.

The real original Organic Federation constitution has been hidden from us. It had only XIII Articles of Amendment. What else were you lies to about? Legally speaking, a US Citizen IS NOT an American!; something called the Law Merchant Commercial rules and codes are in operation over America and have been foisted on us as if Corporate rules and codes were law applying to us all. It is not. These frauds were perpetuated on us in an attempt to displace our guaranteed Republican form of Government system and deny us constitutional protections, the English common law and unalienable Rights. Denial of these rights remains unlawful/sedition and an act of Treason performed on us by those masquerading as "Government". If you do not know what your Rights are or what the law of the land is then you may as well have no Rights and the law can be what ever you are told it is by whoever is looking to deprive you of your God given Rights! Rights contrary to the Counterfeit Government system are not rights granted to you by the Crown / Vatican Papal Corporations ruling America and much of the world! 

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