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Restoring The United States of America and correcting your status


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De Jure Law. & US. Corp. Codes. Organic Law TUSA and Private Rules and codes of de facto DC Crown-Vatican US Corp. / sub-corps.  Smoking Gun of US Corp. 

Law for controlling Government Officers 


 The four Organic Laws >>The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776>>The Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777 >>Northwest Ordinance of July 13, 1787 >>Constitution of September for the United States of America, 17, 1787 [XIII Articles Only]>> T.O.N.A.>> The DC U.S. De facto Corp. Con. [27 Corp. ACTS for DC US Corps.ONLY] >>U.S.A. v U.S>>15.U.S.C.§§1 - 2 >> 18.U.SC.§§241-242 >>18.U.S.C.§§2, 3, 4 >>18 U.S.C.  §§  2381-2384 >>The Organic Con V.'s The Corp. Con. >>American / state - national. V.'s US Citizen>> T.O.N.A. Achilles heel>> California Gov. Code 1027.5>> Title 10 U.S.C. Section 253>>   Court Registry Investment System [CRIS] - evidence of Talmudic controlled US Corp. Human Trafficking all Americans>>  10 U.S. Code § 246 - Militia: composition and classes>> Military Gov. - Civil Authority over US & BAR - FM 27 (army)>> FM27 Mirror>> 


California Law and STATE OF CALIFORNIA Corp. private rules and codes applicable to Gov. Co. Officers ONLY!  

Law  controlling CA. Corp. Gov. Co. Officers


Cal.Org. Con.1849>> Cal.Corp.Con. 1879>> CA. Corp. Codes>> Cal.Gov Code 1027.5 >>Cal.B.P.C.6067 / 6068>> TONA>> Cal. Gov. Code 68076>> 

Def. Accrued Rights codified>> Cal.Code.Civ.P.Sec.8,1898.>> Calif.Labor.Code.Sec.4.>> Calif.Gov.Code.Sec.4.>>  Cal.Veh.Code.Sec.4.>> Calif.Public Res.Code.Sec.4.>> Calif.Corp.Code, Sec.4>>  


Common Law

Organic aw applicable to the people


Definition of the Common Law >>Codified in CA Corp. Codes. at Cal. Civ. Code. 22.2:"The common law of England, so far as it is not repugnant to or inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States, or the Constitution or laws of this State, is the rule of decision in all the courts of this State." unconscionable contracts>> 


De Facto Codes  exposing Human Trafficking via simulated legal process / Lawfare

Codes / Law challenging  State and BAR Attorneys Mixed War & Lawfare  moved by constitutionally banned foreign agents


Note that: "lack of official court seal voids process">> Courts Seal: Cites U.S. Supreme Court Case, Controlling law, never overturned - Aetna Insurance Co. v. Hallock, 73 U.S. 556 18 L. Ed. 948, 1868>> Aetna-ins-co-v-Blumenthal/ (1943)>> Truth about Court Seals - Lawfare - Simulated legal process>> Bar Attorn-ey Fraud>>

Consider following 'in pari materia'>> TONA>> + >>18 U.S.C. 1589 + >>18 U.S.C. 1590 >>18 U.S.C. § 1346 >>Cal. Civ. Code. 22.2 >> Cal.B.P.C.6067 6068 >>Cal.Gov.Code 100(a) >> C.C.P. Sec 14 >>C.C.P. 153 >>C.C.P. 412.20(a) >> C.C.P. 262.1>> Cal.Gov.Code 26660>> Cal. Gov. Code. 26608>> Title 1 U.S.C. 114>> Title 18 U.S.C. 1017>> Title 15 U.S.C. 1 - 2>> 18 U.S.C. 1951>> Calif.Oath mandated by the Constitution of the United States, Article VI, Clause 3>> the California Constitution, Article XX, Section 3>> which is also required by Government Code, Section 1360>> Court Registry Information Systems>> MeetYourStrawman [Exposing the US Corp. Human Traff. System]>> Cal. Gov. Code - Official Bonds 1450-1653>> Why would you ever go in to a foreign private BAR business masquerading as a Judicial Court?>>

 What you should have been taught at school...



Man v PERSON>> US Citizen (Slave) v Birthright American/state National>> Lex Fori - In this state>> unalienable v inalienable >> IDP>> UNITED STATES v America>> Municipal UNITED STATES and its fifty Sub Corps>>Statutes and code for Corp's Only - CCP § 1898>> Gold Fringed Flag (issuance Emergency Orders)>> ALL CAP NAME / Strawman / Legal Person Fraud>License and Right to Travel>> Repub. v Democracy >> Titles of Nobility Act e.1810 r. 1819 >>T.O.N.A. proofs etc. >> Attorneys aka Constitutionally banned foreign agents >>BAR Attorney v Constitutional Lawyer (Esquire, Assistance of council) >>the-hidden-history-of-the-rothschild-khazarian-mafia>> The theft of America by enemies foreign and domestic>> Fabianism/Socialism>> Fabian Socialist Society>> Tavistock Institute>>

Cabal Gov-Co. Genocide  / fraud, sedition and treason, crimes against humanity


Human 2.0 TransSlavehumanism and vaccines>>  Report from Iron Mountain >>  Silent Weapons for Quiet War >> Lernid Protocols of the Elders of Zion>> 5G Apocalypse>> French Military report GOV-ID-1984 Plandemic>> Strawman>>  BankersManifesto1892 >>  DumbingDownAmerica>> FederalReserveCrimeCartel>> BillGates>> RockefellerPlandemic>> ID2020>> RockefellerPlandemic>> Kaldengrove>> FedCryptoCurrencey>> EdwardMandelHouseReveals US Israel Corp. Slavery System intro. March 9th 1933 [EBRA, TWEA]>> Agenda 21 (2021) and Agenda 2030>>