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An Overview of the Points of a Legal Caltrop.

What is a “legal caltrop” and why would anyone need to use one?  Although not taught in the government-run indoctrination centers called “public schools”, the most fundamental aspect of every form of law is jurisdictioni.e. the lex fori (law of the forum).  Here is a short quiz to see if the documentary evidence and practical remedies offered by a “legal caltrop” can be of use to you or not:

  • Who is sovereign in America, government or “We the People”?
  • Does a corporation created by government authority have any sovereign power, other than over its officers, employees and those who enter into a valid contract with the corporation?
  • Which section of the corporate Federal constitution does the corporate Federal government (e.g. N.S.A., F.B.I., D.O.J., I.R.S., F.D.A., U.S.D.A., E.P.A., etc.) use as authority to exercise personal jurisdiction over (spy on, arrest, prosecute, fine, etc.) Americans living (not residing) throughout the de jure fifty republic states of the American Union?
  • Precisely when and how did a private, for-profit, Federal corporation [see: 28 U.S.C., Sec. 3002 (15)(A) and Calif. Commercial Code, Sec. 9307(h)], i.e. the “UNITED STATES®” (sic), acquire personal jurisdiction over you?
  • Precisely when and how did a private, for-profit, sub-chartered Federal corporation, styled as the “STATE OF CALIFORNIA” (sic), acquire personal jurisdiction over you?

If you cannot answer these most elementary of questions about daily life in America, there is something here for you to learn.  For example, according to the federal judiciary, Americans who are not a “citizen of the United States” are not liable to income tax; to wit:

Unless the defendant can establish that he is not a “citizen of the United States”, the I.R.S. possesses authority to attempt to determine his federal tax liability [U.S.A. v. Slater (D. Delaware) 545 F. Supp. 179, 182 (1982)].

In warfare, the caltrop is the ideal passive weapon, in that it is simply constructed, cheap and easy to manufacture, requiring no special skill or training to use, easily portable, needing no care, maintenance or preparation, capable of recovery and, above all, extremely effective in most settings.

This document shows how almost every American can produce un-rebuttable Evidence, i.e. a “legal caltrop”, admissible as such in a court of law that establishes that he or she is not a “citizen of the United States” or a “citizen” / “person” subject to the 29 Codes of the private, for-profit, municipal corporation styled as: “STATE OF CALIFORNIA” (sic).

An Overview of the Points of a Legal Caltrop.

  1. A live American man or woman living upon the soil of any of the de jure fifty republic states is a constituent Member of the American Body Sovereign [Chisholm v. Georgia, 2 Dallas (U. S.) 419 @ 469, 1 L. Ed. 440 (A. D. 1793)].
  2. Any live American man or woman living upon the soil of California (est. A. D. 1849) (over twenty-one years old) has natural and unalienable Rights* protected by both the Ninth Amendment to the de jure federal Constitution (as lawfully amended in A. D. 1819) and Article One, Section Twenty-one of the Declaration of Rights of the de jure California Constitution (A. D. 1849) from any legislative or statutory infringement.
  3. The lex fori of the fifty Titles of the “UNITED STATES CODE” (sic), as defined by Congress, is “in the district” or “within the district” [American Banana Co. v. U.S. Fruit, 213 U.S. 347 at 357-358 (1909); United States v. Spelar, 338 U.S. 217 at 222 (1949)].
  4. No land of any of the fifty de jure republic states of the American Union is located within a Federal district, only Federal territories and enclaves are located within a Federal district [Pollard v. Hagan, 44 U.S. 213, 221, 223 (1845)].
  5. The lex fori of the twenty-nine Codes of the “STATE OF CALIFORNIA”, as defined by the State Legislature, is “in this state” or “in the state” [Cal. Revenue and Taxation Sections 130(f), 6017, et al.].
  6. Absent a bona fide Contract, untainted by actual or constructive Fraud [Cal. Civil Code, Sections 1572-1573], neither the officers nor employees of either the corporate “UNITED STATES®” (sic) or the corporate “STATE OF CALIFORNIA” (sic) have any authority to enforce the aforesaid corporations’ municipal codes outside of the law of the forum defined by their respective legislative authority [Clearfield Trust Company v. United States, 318 U.S. 363 (1943)].
  7. Lack of full disclosure or concealment of material Facts by the officers or employees of either the corporate “UNITED STATES®” (sic) or the corporate “STATE OF CALIFORNIA” (sic) constitutes Fraud and voids any alleged contract from the beginning (ab initio) [37 Am. Jur. 2d, Section 8].

A Maxim of the Common Law tells us, “It is fraud to conceal a fraud.”

It is common sense to most people that “the tail doesn’t wag the dog”; however, in America “the tail”, i.e. “government” (e.g. N.S.A., F.B.I., D.O.J., I.R.S., F.D.A., U.S.D.A., E.P.A., etc.), has been “wagging the dog”, i.e. the American People for over 150 years (starting after the “Civil War”).   Another Maxim of Law tells us, “One absurdity being allowed, an infinity follow.”

The foregoing information consists of relevant material Facts, organic Law, contract law, and well-settled decisional case law, not theories; and, allows for recovery of, among other things, the unalienable Right of Liberty, which is not the subject of, or to, statutory regulations or licensing, as guaranteed by the “unanimous Declaration of Independence”, the Articles of Confederation and the national Constitution.  The political Status of every American as a constituent Member of the supreme political Authority of “The United States of America” (established by the Articles of Confederation) was intended by the Founding Fathers and Framers of the Constitution to be beyond the reach of any “government” legislation.

Every Remedy offered by a Legal Caltrop is authorized by Law.

Anyone can extinguish a contract by rescission for the reason that their consent was obtained by the other party through fraud and deceit [Cal. Civil Code, Sections 1688 and 1689(b)(1)].

The Federal and State “government” systems are steeped in fraud and deceit, which is ultra-sophisticated, and designed to defraud every natural-born American, in every republic state of the American Union, of all unalienable Rights to which he or she is entitled by birthright.  This is done in such a way by B.A.R. attorneys, as to prevent detection of how it happened by most people.  It is the B.A.R. attorneys keep the American People on a treadmill as an abject wage-slaves / servants of the creditor-masters of the private, foreign, for-profit, corporate “government” of the “UNITED STATES®”—i.e., the foreign principals of the private Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)—for the rest of their lives.

* Unalienable Rights for man (and woman) are a gift from the Creator of the Universe (Almighty God) and are superior to statutory civil rights (i.e. statutory benefits) are granted to legal “persons” created by Congress and State Legislatures.