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The reason our nation is in such a sad state today is that essential knowledge of the law, that was once taught all our schools, in the form of civics, has been deliberately hidden from the American people! Consider that those that are occupying our nation today were careful not to teach the people the very knowledge that could be used to dethrone our occupiers and free ourselves from slavery. 
LLS correspondence to de facto agencies will be posted to this platform as and when we are able to do so. Regrettably, resource limitations are a major factor in our ongoing ability to focus as much of our attention on this project as we would like to do, but when we are able, we will upload more of our efforts for all to see.
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Download the following 170+page complimentary research document (unedited) referencing the things that you should have been taught at school about America!

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American personal responsibility starts by being informed about the foundations of our organic law system of self government, understanding your unalienable Rights, the common law, the organic foundation of our nation, the guarantee of a Republican form of Governance etc.  Barely one in a thousand today understand what these principles mean today! This must change if we are to take back our nation from constitutionally-banned foreign usurpers quite literally out to democide Americans. 

  • America was established as a self governing autonomous nation. NOT one that opted for FOREIGN controlled CORPORATE DEMOCRATIC DC RULE under the rule of parasites (Constitutionally Banned foreign agents), the Pope, a Monarch, BAR Attorneys! This FACT is enshrined in immutable law and can not be undone by usurpers that infiltrated America. If Americans do not affirm their unalienable rights, their immutable organic law foundations and take back Government then we are inviting Tyrants, Despots and parasites to rule over us and do what they have done and are doing to our nation. Our silence will guarantee that we will loose America to the Luciferian Roman cult long at war with humanity from the shadows! This explains why the criminally insane are now ruling America through fiat today! Its because we let them take over and did not object to their lawbreaking!   
  • is the place to come to unlearn, to re-educate concerning our true history; to acquire the knowledge required to defend yourself from legal tyranny, and to join those working to restore our organic Government built on American law traditions, foundations, individual, state and National liberty... 
  • The only way out of the Lawless nightmare that we are currently living in is for the American people to challenge 'Government' corruption at every opportunity and affirm their proper American National and state National status.
  • Every Law Breaker must be challenged at every illegal act and made accountable for their unlawful tyrannical actions! To be able do this, Americans will need to acquire lost skills and knowledge deliberately kept from Americans by the occupying plantation managers. It is for these reasons that the sites and resources detailed herein were created! 
  • America must unlearn, re-educate, such that an increasing count of the awakening masses become fully exposed to what is 150+ years of fraud, sedition, treason perpetuated over us by Constitutionally Banned foreign agents, many masquerading as We the people - founding fathers created Government, that never had any Lawful authority to make law or alter our organic law or negate the English - American Common Law.
  • At no time did our immutable law allow actors to enslave the American people! Understand that every act of Fraud is legally invalid and that with out notice and full disclosure no act because lawful! 
  • Resources found at this site and our sister sites linked below will enable you to unlearn the lies told you all of your life, while the knowledge you will gather from reading LivingLawSociety originated correspondence directed to those masquerading as "Government", together with our templates will empower you yourself to fight back those that have engaged in Lawfare and Mixed war with you and your family. Through these efforts you will quickly come to realize virtually every act perpetuated over us, the American people in over 150 years by so called Government is FRAUD, Sedition and Treason!  
  • By challenging Lawfare Instruments originated by Constitutionally banned Attorneys working for de facto Territorial / Municipal STATE OF STATE Corporations,  so called Law Firms (RICO) and individual attorneys you will become more empowered and able to do your part in taking back our country and terminating rule over America by Human Traffickers occupying our Government buildings! 

Unlearn, re-educate, awaken others...   Our goal in building this site is to, in time, enable readers to:

  • Access legal caltrops* that are designed to help people defend against typical legal assaults from citations, abuse of power, usurpation of unalienable rights. 
  • The legal caltrop* templates herein are designed to help you save your hard earned money by cheaply and effectively defending against typical lawfare** assaults by BAR attorneys and so-called agents of de facto government (Federal, State, County and City), including but not limited to traffic and code enforcement citations, red light photo tickets, toll evasion notices, so-called COVID 19 face mask fines or penalties, “FAMILY COURT” abuse of power, etc. 
  • Unlearn and re-educate concerning the lies that we have all been told all of our lives by foreign actors masquerading as We the people, Founding Fathers orchestrated lawful "Government". 
  • Defend oneself from legal assaults (Lawfare** and Mixed War***) being perpetuated on us by State Actors masquerading as a We the people Government.
  • Learn how to change your legal status from de facto UNITED STATES CITIZEN status (Talmudic, Usury, Debt Slave) back to American Birthright, American National and state National status, which is the proper status of an American at birth before being lifted of the land and soil jurisdiction and made an Internally Displaced US PERSON through acts that are based on 150+ years of sedition, treason and fraud enacted by Constitutionally banned foreign agents!  
  • Join other Americans that have come together to assert their unalienable rights and re-stand lawful Governance and rejecting foreign rule by members of a foreign parasitic Luciferian Roman Cult. 

More on supporting our work... 

Many similarly situated Americans, have grown tired of being abused by the so-called “legal system” and have spent their waking hours investigating why “governments” worldwide, including that commonly known as "The United States of America" (per Articles of Confederation, Section One), have become so adversarial and anti-American to people simply trying to exercise their natural and unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. 

​The founders of long ago came to understand that our nation has been enslaved by members of a foreign “Black Nobility” cult that secretly over-through our lawful Governments and established a Matrix like Roman Civil system across America relying on the installation of an anti-American, foreign, Talmudic banking and legal system that has literally enslaved America.  They took control of America through fake private, for-profit, municipal governments, a fake “legal system” (see: definition of lawfare), a fake “banking system” (see: article on Debt Slavery), fake “public education system” (see: Eighth Grade Final Exam from Salina, Kansas, A. D. 1895), fake “medicine” (, fake news, etc. This system is now operated by 1.3M + Constitutionally banned foreign agents illegally in business in America in violation of our fully ratified organic law system.

Not willing to sit quietly and watch our beloved nation and our Guaranteed Republican Form of Government be dismantled and destroyed by an alliance of “liberal” socialists and communists, that have undeniably infiltrated all levels of federal, state, county and city government, we decided to do something about it and to defend against unlawful overreach by government actors through our reliance on the four pillars of Americas organic Laws (i.e. Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Northwest Ordinances and the Constitution for the United States of America, as amended on March 12, A. D. 1819), which are the immutable foundations of our Nation. 

​By sponsoring our work you will gain access to our 50+ years of research and legal defenses to counter attacks of the current private, for-profit, legal system unlawfully running our nation through live agents of the Crown Franchised BAR legal Guild system and their 185,000 de facto Government corporations illegally installed and operating in America in violation of the Guarantee of a Republican form of Government due to all Americans. Your support of this channel will help co-fund our ongoing efforts to awaken and educate the American people against this unlawful Mixed War against the unalienable rights of millions of Americans daily through a scheme of Lawfare relying on Simulated legal process through color of law, color of office and color of authority.   

​We will continue to share our correspondence and legal caltrops* so that people everywhere can understand how one may defend themselves against attacks by constitutionally banned foreign agents, that have been illegally running a fake “law system” over America, and at the same time how we can each help each other to take back our country and governments worldwide from fifth column BAR (CROWN ) Marxist trained foot soldiers, acting for and on behalf of the so-called “global elite” pushing forward plans for global Genocide and a One World Order. 

​By joining you will have access to legal caltrops that are designed to help people defend against typical legal assaults including citations, abuse of power, and infringement of natural and unalienable rights under color of law, color of office and color of authority. LLS legal caltrops provide a cost effective defense against typical lawfare** assaults (Mixed War) by BAR attorneys and so-called agents of de facto government (federal, state, county and city), foreign corporations Masquerading as American styked, we the people Government, including but not limited to traffic and code enforcement citations, red light photo tickets, toll evasion notices, so-called COVID 19 face mask or “social distancing” fines or penalties, “FAMILY COURT” abuse of power, fake Summons / Warrants / Writs (Simulated legal process) etc. Such defenses are self administered and mitigate the need for you to hire a $500 per hour Crown Bar agent that will sell you out and never tell you truth about the Attorney rigged Lawfare system operating in America and Worldwide.

Please take Notice: The information found herein and on our sister sites is provided for entertainment and education purposes only, which is protected by the "Bill of Rights" (Amendments One through Ten) to the organic Constitution for "The United States of America", as amended on March 12, A. D. 1819. Nothing herein is intended to bully or harass anyone or to incite violence; quite the opposite is true, this channel teaches people how to peacefully resolve disputes based on enforcing and defending all our natural and unalienable Rights against federal, state, county and city government overreach, as the Founding Fathers of our Nation intended.

Mixed War occurs whenever the government of a nation is an enemy of, and at war against, its own People. The most insidious and perfidious type of mixed war exists when the agents of government act against the People under guise of protecting the People’s rights and upholding the nation’s most cherished values and ideals. In such case, the so-called government officials are “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” occupying positions of prestige and power, with the support of the People, while treasonously betraying that trust.

Lawfare is a form of Mixed War consisting of the use of the legal (i.e., court) system by live agents of the BAR against private Americans, such as by damaging or delegitimizing them, tying up their time and resources, seizing their children, homes, businesses, private property and/or imprisoning them, under color of law; and, includes enforcing mandatory vaccinations or forced use of medical procedures under color of law. The term is a portmanteau of the words law and warfare.

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