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LLS has collaborated in the making of the following videos following the issuance of the un-answered Retraxit.

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LLS was not involved in the issuance of the Retraxit and was asked to collaborate in the making of the following videos only.

Based on knowledge that those in Congress have  No lawful power to make demands of the American people, or deny unalienable Rights without due process of law We the People deemed it was timely and necessary to issue our alleged servants with a discovery document that required each member of Congress to confirm that they were operating within their lawfully delegated authority.

The response by all members to the best of my knowledge is naught! In other words, members of Congress confirmed by their silence they are operating Ultra Vires and with out lawful delegated authority. 

A Stipulation of Material Facts by Agreement of the parties will be published once available:

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 Here following the videos from the series together with links to 50 Presentations made during the discovery documents.

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Episode 10


Our Republic Part 3 - September 14, 2020

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Our Republic Part 2 - - September 7, 2020


Our Republic Part 1 - Our Republic Panel Show 8/31/20

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100 DAYS OF TRUTH, In order of presentations


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Day 1

 100 Days of Truth Day 1 LIVE

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